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Franz Ferdinand Biography

Franz Ferdinand, is the most famous recent Scottisch pop/rock band (from Glasgow), formed by four young and ambitious musicians. The Band derived its name from the Austro-Hungarian Archduke whose murder set the beginning of World War I. The Band's members are Alex Kapranos (20 March 1972, vocals/guitar), Nick McCarthy (13 December 1974 guitar/keyboards/vocals), Bob Hardy (16 August 1980, bass) and Paul Thomson (15 September 1977, drums), coalesced through the Glasgow School of Art where Hardy studied painting and Thomson was employed as a life model.

How Franz Ferdinand started

In late 2001, Kapranos and Hardy had begun working on music together. Here is a part of their conversation about having a music project:

"Do you want to learn to play the bass then, Bob?" "No, I'm an artist, not a musician." "It's the same thing." "OK then."

So Bob learned the bass guitar and they planned a band. It had to be something big. Bob wanted it to be on the level of Field Marshall Haig's tears that fell as he counted the statistics of the men he had sent over the top. Alex wanted to make music that girls could dance to. Then they met McCarthy, a classically trained pianist and double bass player who originally played drums for the group despite no prior experience as a drummer. Alex met Nick in Jo and Celias' kitchen. Nick was dressed like a young Adam Ant and was stealing Alex's Vodka. They were about to batter each others brains in when Alex asked if he could play drums. Nick lied and said that he could. They agreed to meet up in Nick's South Side mansion. Paul Thompson was the best drummer in Glasgow, but he felt like playing guitar instead. When the trio met Thomson and started playing with him, McCarthy and Thomson switched to guitar and drums, and the band switched practice spaces, stumbling upon an abandoned warehouse that they named the Chateau. Chateau became their headquarter. It was a wonderful home. After evicting the pigeons and fixing the windows, they found a sympathetic electrician who managed to wire the building in a way that left the electricity board innocent of the knowledge that they were supplying the power.

Franz Ferdinand signed to Domino

By summer 2002, they recorded an EP's worth of material that they intended to release themselves, but word of mouth about the band spread and Franz Ferdinand signed to Domino in the summer of 2003. Franz Ferdinand have always wanted to do it their way and to do it better. That's why they put records out with Domino. It's a label which continues the tradition of the Great British independents. From Trojan, Postcard and Factory, through Stiff, Rough Trade and Creation: the independents have been the breeding ground for the best innovative pop music. It is pop music too in the tradition of the Beatles, The Smiths, Nirvana, David Bowie, Pulp and Roxy Music.

The first singles - Darts of Pleasure, Take me Out

In the first group's EP Darts of Pleasure, Franz Ferdinand seemed to be influenced by Interpol, and gave them the label "the Scottish Interpol,". After that, the band spent the rest of the year supporting groups such as Hot Hot Heat and Interpol itself. The second Franz Ferdinand's single, Take Me Out - arrived in early 2004 – was a huge success. The band gained great popularity in UK, due to this, second, single. It was just the right moment for their debut album to be recorded.

Franz Ferdinand - The Album

Franz Ferdinand was released in February 2004 in the UK (09/02/04). The album's followed them across the pond; "Take Me Out" became a great modern rock hit. The Video clip of "Take me out" earned the Breakthrough Video award at that year's MTV Music Video Awards. The group's momentum continued with the release of the Michael single (rd single) and their Mercury Prize win over such important artists as the Streets and Keane. The huge success of the band was followed by a very successful mass tour, in 2004/2005.

You Could Have it So Much Better ... with Franz Ferdinand

A great album called "You Could Have it So Much Better ... with Franz Ferdinand" released in fall 2005 (03/10/2005). It seems that "You Could Have it So Much Better ..." isn't as successful as the debut-wonder, but the many fans of the group claim that this is a better album than their debut.

The artistic background of the members (Hardy graduated from the Glasgow School of Art, and Thomson also posed as a life model there), was combined with the Karpanos' expectations for music that girl could dance to and the result was really attractive. Rock n roll/pop/punk/ are mixed to create the unique Franz Ferdinand's sound. Rumours for a new album in 2006, are fed and the millions of fans can't wait..

Rock Festivals, Casino Games, and Other Must-Do Activities in German

Franz Ferdinand Fly to Germany for Rock'n'Heim 2013 Rock Festivals, Casino Games, and Other Must-Do Activities in Germany

Franz Ferdinand, our favourite band from Glasgow, Scotland, is set to perform at the Rock'n'Heim 2013 during the weekend of August 16-18, 2013. Rock'n'Heim is an annual music festival hosted in Hockenheim, Germany in which various internal rock acts gather and perform on one stage.

Aside from Franz Ferdinand, the lineup also features Boys Noize Live, Casper Chase & Status, Deftones, Die Ärzte, Enter Shikari, Heaven Shall Burn, Knife Party, Kraftklub, Kvelertak, Lexy & K-Paul, Marteria, Modestep, Nero, and Nine Inch Nails. Oliver Koletzki, Robert Delong, Seeed, Sub Focus, Susanne Blech, System Of A Down, Tenacious D, The Pretty Reckless, Volbeat, and Zebrahead will be there, too.

For those who are planning to go to Germany to see Franz Ferdinand in Rock'n'Heim, we have compiled a short list of activities you can engage in before and after their performance to maximize your trip.

Watch a football match
Just like other Europeans, Germans are the most loyal fans of football. Due to their strong love for this sport, watching a live football match in Germany has become an “experience of a lifetime,” says "It is not only about the match itself, it is about the good atmosphere whole day long, starting from singing fan songs in the trains from the early morning to partying during the night."

Play casino games
Since you’re already in Germany, why not try their local casino scene during your stay? Germany is home to a number of first-class venues, which are all worth visiting. One of the businesses that the country takes pride in is the beautiful, not to mention historical Casino Baden-Baden. This casino has been in operation since 1809, and has over 113 slot machines and 24 table games on their 32,289 square feet of gaming space.

Digital versions of casino games are also popular throughout Germany. A popular online gaming site, PartyPoker DE hosts regular matches as well as seasonal tournaments for classic casino games. It was designed by Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment as an alternative to live venues, catering to those who prefer to play casino games in the comfort of their own homes. Once you start playing, make sure that you put your earphones on and blast some Franz Ferdinand tunes for a powerplay.

Go castle hopping
If you are looking for a more peaceful activity to do after the music festival, then castle hopping is the one for you. Germany holds ground to some of the oldest castles in the world. This includes the Neuschwannstein Castle in Bavaria. Known as the “fairytale castle”, Neuschwannstein was built in 1869 as a private summer retreat for the late King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

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